Board of Directors

Mary Ann McLane: Chair (mclane[at]
Dermott J. Mullan: Vice-Chair
Stephen M. Barr: President
Katherin A. Rogers: Vice-President
Michael Keefe: Treasurer
Paul A. Evenson: Secretary
Rae Stabosz: Member at Large


Presently Vacant

National Advisory Committee

[see link at top for more information]
John C. Cavadini
Mary Ann Glendon
Russell R. Reno
George S. Weigel
Robert Louis Wilken

UD Faculty Committee

Stephen M. Barr (Physics)
Stacie Beck (Economics)
Eve Buckley (History)
Paul Evenson (Physics)
Julia Hulings (Russian)
Michael Keefe (Mech. Engineering)
Mary Ann McLane (Medical Technology)
Dermott Mullan (Physics)
Katherin Rogers (Philosophy)
Jonathan Russ (History)
Daniel Stevens (Music)
Elizabeth Stevens (Music)
David Stockman (Economics)
Krzysztof Szalewicz (Physics)
Francis Tannian (Economics emer.)

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The Society of Catholic Scholars of Delaware

last updated: March 27th, 2017

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Mission Statement and Description of Organization

The Society of Catholic Scholars of Delaware was created and exists to assist and to promote a Catholic intellectual presence and community at the University of Delaware.  Its principal mission is to make the richness and depth of the Catholic tradition of thought and action available for public consideration by the larger community associated with the University.  In so doing, it also seeks to contribute to the development of Catholic intellectual and cultural life in Delaware and the United States.

The Society of Catholic Scholars of Delaware has been constituted and will be sustained by the voluntary efforts, talents, and contributions of various Catholic faculty and friends of the group’s mission.  The Diocese of Wilmington recognizes The Society of Catholic Scholars of Delaware under that name.  The activities of the Catholic Scholars of Delaware are directed by a Board of Directors and its Chairman, executed by several officers, who regularly consult with and are assisted by a voluntary advisory steering committee composed of Catholic faculty members at the University of Delaware, and is spiritually directed and advised by a Chaplain nominated by the Board and approved by the Bishop of Wilmington. The mission and activities of the Catholic Society of Delaware are aided and supported by a national advisory board composed of individuals invited to serve in this capacity by the Board of Directors.